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About Us

Who We Are

Repair Economy Washington, a project of Zero Waste Washington, is a collaborative initiative built by fixers, tool librarians, and makers throughout Washington State (with a little help from our PNW neighbors!) It’s made possible with generous funding from the WA Department of Ecology’s Public Participation Grant.

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Our Goals

Repair Economy Washington’s purpose is to highlight the importance of and increase access to repair across Washington State by supporting the entire ecosystem of repair from repair businesses to free community repair events. 

Got broken stuff to fix, a project to get done, or a tool to lend? Mend it. Make it. Fix it. Share it! Join us to keep the repair economy sustainable.

Why care about repair?

From saving money to saving the earth. From preserving skills to building resilience. There are a million reasons to repair (and share)! 

An International Repair Economy

Some of the groups and projects we look to for inspiration and occasionally get to collaborate with!

Connect with other fixers​

Want to connect with other fixers, tool libraries, and makers around Washington? Join the Repair Economy community hub on Hylo and jumpstart a conversation or even a project!