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We simplify repairing in Washington

Find a repair shop. Borrow a tool. Join an event. And learn more about us.

Find a repair service in Washington

My shop is not on the list

Own or know a shop, service, repair group, makerspace not on the list?

Join a repair event

A free community gathering in which people with repair skills share their time and talents to fix your items. You will get to learn about the repair process and connect with others in the repair community.

Learn about different repair services

Repair Cafés

Or Fix-it Fairs or Repair Fairs, are free community gatherings in which people with repair skills share their time and talents to fix their neighbors’ belongings.

Tool Libraries

Think of a tool library like a book library…except for tools (and often, other really useful things)! With tool libraries, you just borrow it when you need it and return it when you’re done.


Or fab labs, techshops, or hackerspaces, are collaborative workspaces focusing on open source applications. They give access to technology and tools including 3D printers, laser cutters, etc.

Snapshots of repair stories

“The Flores family wants to save your device from the landfill! Brother, Luis, and sisters Vanessa and Cristal, have teamed up to champion repair of phones, laptops, computers, game consoles, tablets, and more. ”
– Vanessa and Luis Flores
on Tacoma siblings saving our devices (and the planet!)
“For 21 years, Kevin Lamar was responsible for repairs for an entire battalion. The retired Army mechanic has since shifted his attention from tuning up tanks to helping folks restyle their rides – motorbikes, that is. ”
- Kevin Lamar of Streetscenes Moto Garage
on From the Military to Motorbikes
“Far from solely repairing shoes, Mr. Henry restores handbags, luggage, hockey pads, jackets, and other custom pieces. He might not be getting rich, but he loves a job well done and seeing his customers beam when they realize his craftsmanship has brought their items back to life.”
– Bentley Henry
on Doing what he loves ’til the good Lord calls him home

Connect with other fixers​

Want to connect with other fixers, tool libraries, and makers around Washington? Join the Repair Economy community hub on Hylo and jumpstart a conversation or even a project!